Creative Healing Workshops

Creative Healing Workshops are designed to bring a therapeutic twist to creative expression. Utilizing my clinical experience and creative background, these workshops will encourage introspection, healing and inspiration for anyone ready to make changes in their life. Through art, writing, movement, dance and theatre, you will find the safe space to confront pain, grief, resentment, release stress, anxiety, depression, and symptoms related to trauma.

Past Events

Introduction to Art Journaling

Art journaling offers you an opportunity to have fun, explore, express, reflect, and break through self-limiting beliefs we’ve developed over the years.

In this introductory class, you will learn ways to express yourself through creative exploration using colors, words, texture, shapes, stencils, and tools you may already have in your home. You will find courage to embrace experimentation, embrace mistakes, and silence your inner critic.

By the end of this workshop, you will learn techniques to start your own art journaling practice at home.

Spring Equinox Women's Gathering

The equinox is a time of planting seeds we will harvest later. We take action towards new projects and ideas we’ve envisioned, while cleansing out what no longer is needed. As we emerge from winter’s period of hibernation, we feel refreshed and renewed. We are more energized to cultivate abundance and prosperity.  On Wednesday, March 20th, we have both a Full Moon and the Spring Equinox.

To take advantage of this powerful time, Saturday, March 23rd, we will sync with the cycles of, and honor the universal connection to, Mother Earth energy. You are invited to gather with like-minded spirits to support and encourage you as you lay the foundations for the year to come; honoring the warrior within all of us.

** This event will be held both inside and outside (weather permitting). Please wear comfortable clothing, as there will be light movement included to encourage creative inspiration.**

Journaling Within

Part of our journey is looking within for our personal power. When we have experienced pain, heartache, injustice, shame, guilt, loneliness, depression, grief, loss of a loved one, loss of innocence, loss of a job, anger, resentment, addiction, we must create space to process our thoughts and feelings. When we are happy, proud, or excited for a new experiences in our life, we too can sit down, pen to paper, and write. When we have ideas and creative projects, or song lyrics, journaling can be an outlet for harvesting them; allowing them to come to fruition. Many can be overwhelmed by a blank page. There are tips and techniques you can use to open up on paper.Join me for a wonderful journaling workshop on December 21st from  5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Intentionally scheduled on the day of Winter Solstice: the shortest day, and the longest night of the year; a perfect time for reflection.