Intuitive & Spiritual Coaching $77 / hour

Intuitive and spiritual coaching sessions are for those women and men struggling to trust in themselves, or their hearts desires. Often times there is a disconnect as we grow older, due to outside influences such as our societal norms. As a child, our parents and elders teach us their beliefs, or their learned behaviors. We believe them because that is what we’re taught to do. But many of us find that as we move into adulthood, we are faced with dis-ease with self. It is a battle between what we have known, and what our heart is telling us. We begin feeling out of alignment. When we start questioning these old beliefs, by going inward, we begin reconnecting with our authentic voice. We start developing a new belief system that honors our intuition and our spirituality. These coaching sessions will connect you to your personal truth; your authentic voice. With the aid of oracle cards and sacred ritual, you will begin to break down old beliefs and behaviors, develop your intuition, and create a spiritual practice that feels safe and comfortable for you. 


** These coaching sessions can be designed for you alone, or for you and your closest friends in a group setting. In-home parties available to meet your groups needs.**

Intuitive Reading $33/ 30 minutes

Intuitive readings offer you guidance in the areas of your life you seek answers. Through the ancient practice of tarot and oracle readings, these sessions are designed to give you practical and intuitive insight. 

Empowerment Coaching $77/ hour

If you think you are stuck in your life, you probably are. If you think you’re unhappy in your life, you probably are. And that is okay, but only if you do something to change it. We are not here on this Earth to remain stagnant and unhappy. There is a greater purpose for each and every one of us. Empowerment coaching is designed to shift your mindset into one that ignites passionate action towards your goals. This coaching program is meant to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. At times this will mean, hearing the truth behind the excuses you make. We are all guilty of this at one point in our life, and sometimes we need an outside perspective to call us on our bull. As an empowerment coach, I keep things honest, direct and goal oriented. As a professional problem solver, I help you engage in outside-the-box thinking, so you feel empowered to overcome your believed barriers.