About The Blue Heron Sings

Expressive Artist. Therapist. Empowerment Coach. Singer-Songwriter. Community Advocate. Dream Hunter. Dream Believer.

My name is Alexandra Ruberti, although some may know me as Alexandra Leigh—the name I use as a singer-songwriter. Yes, you read that right: by day I am a therapist, and by night I follow my own dreams of creating music and sharing the songs that make my heart sing. The creative arts including, music, dance, theatre, and painting have been therapeutic tools that have helped me throughout my childhood and into adult life. I was drawn to clinical social work because of my own experience in my earlier years when my parents had a messy divorce. I will not utilize this website as a platform to curse either my father or mother because the experience has shaped me into the woman I am today. It was with creative expression, therapy, and support groups that led me out of the darkness and into the light. Only with these tools was I able to come to a deeper understanding surrounding the feelings of loneliness, self-doubt, uncertainty, perfectionism, shame, blame—to name a few—that were lodged deep underneath an eating disorder I didn’t know I had. 

 It wasn’t until I sat in front of a therapist for the first time that I ever felt safe enough to open up. It was the first time I ever felt worthy of being heard. And in spite of my parents’ best efforts, it was my therapist who helped me believe that my story, my truth, deserved to be told. Even if it was only in that office—she offered me the time and space to open up and let it all out. Every. Last. Tear. To have someone outside of your family and friends listen to your needs, without holding bias, all the while understanding you and accepting you, for exactly who you are, where you have been, and where you’d like to go—is liberating. Like you don’t have to try to impress someone. That is what therapy is: liberation. Freedom from the false self. Freedom from unhappiness.

Today, I utilize therapeutic techniques integrated with creative expression to help clients understand their experiences and process their feelings in a safe place, so they may move from their stuck points and into a position of personal power and freedom. Our lives are sacred and we must find a way to honor what has happened to us by expressing our authentic feelings. If we do not find a way to shed our old beliefs and find new meaning, we can develop anxiety, feelings of depression, hopelessness and other addictive, self-destructive behaviors.  

I absolutely love helping those ready to take the next step in their personal and spiritual growth. By working with me, you’ll have a safe space to be yourself, explore your feelings, challenge your old beliefs, and create new meaning that empowers change within you in a positive, productive, healthy way. Through our work together you will find the strength that has always been inside you to face all parts of yourself, including those parts that have held you back from reaching your fullest potential. I am here to work with you and walk alongside you as you carefully, and safely, take steps towards the changes you wish to manifest.